English for Kids (Classes 4 to 10)

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Your daughter comes back from school. She sits with her head hung down. She is sad. You go and ask her, “What happened Sweetie?” She says crying, “Mom, everyone speaks English so fluently. They are so good at grammar. Our teachers appreciate them. Why am I not good enough in English like them?” Being a parent, your heart must be wrenching on seeing your daughter cry. So, why not enrol her in some online English course which can improve her skills and help her stand out from others? From the thousands of courses concerning speaking English for kids, we recommend you to choose this one. Why? Because this is a specialised course designed only for you kid. Check for yourself!


  • Children studying from Class 4 to Class 10.
  • Any child who’s willing to improve their skills in English can enrol in this course.
  • Children who are studying in vernacular medium are also welcome to enrol in this course.
  • If your child is not confident enough to speak English publicly.
  • Children who want to keep up with the practice.


  • It is a complete online spoken English course for kids.
  • Your child can improve his/her grammar skills starting from the basic.
  • Within a short span of time, be sure to hear your child speak English properly, fluently and confidently.
  • Your child is all open to know his/her flaws and devote extra-time to it
  • Your child can ask his/her doubts as many times as he/she want.
  • Your child doesn’t have to feel embarrassed as our main aim is to improve his/her skills.
  • Your child will develop unique ways to present his/her views.
  • Our instructors will give full attention and work on minute weaknesses of your child.
  • With excellent guidance, your child will never commit a mistake in perfect pronunciation.
  • Your child will learn new words each day.
  • Separate practice sessions will be held for your child for better understanding.
  • Activities concerning interests of the students.
  • Fun-filled learning methodologies are adopted.
  • Our instructors will give your child handy tips to improve his/her skills.


  • Get to choose the instructor-native or local for your child.
  • The student will be assessed based on his level of understanding.
  • The instructors will map out a schedule and methods for the particular student.
  • Live sessions will be taken.
  • At first, the student will be made comfortable with the environment and the instructor.
  • Assessment will be based on two levels:
    • At first, the major weaknesses will be addressed.
    • Next the minute weaknesses will be addressed
  • The instructor will be giving regular tasks and homework which will keep the student updated.
  • The instructors will make sure that the student never runs out of practice.
  • The practice sessions will be both practical and theoretical.
  • Learning materials will be provided by the instructors.
  • Special sessions will be scheduled if the student lacks practice or is unable to perform up to the mark.
  • The course wouldn’t be marked as completed unless all the issues of your child are resolved.


  • Your child will speak fluent English without a pause.
  • The confidence level of your child will increase.
  • Your child will be able to understand complex vocabulary.
  • Your child will improve his/her understanding for the language.
  • The grasping power of the language will improve.
  • Your child will have a smile on his/her face while he/she speaks.
  • Your child will score the highest in all their exams.


  • Certificate on completion of the course
  • Special appreciation from the instructors
  • Get a chance to feature on our page of testimonials

You must be thinking that why us? Well, we assure you quality. And most importantly, the particular course will be separately designed only for you! Perfect instructors, perfect course structure and a perfect environment for studying will give all that you need to expertise in this field. So, what are you waiting for? Join our community today-not because what you can’t do but because what you can do!


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