About Us

EnglishMonk is an affordable online learning platform for those who wish to speak English fluently. The courses are taught by experienced trainers from the USA, UK, and India.

Mounika Adusumilli

Our Story

When the idea of curating and calibrating minds with the spell of English stroke our minds, English Monk was born. We are a team of enthusiasts who are looking forward to bringing innovative learning methods in the spheres of the English language. We have a wide array of courses ranging from Basic English tutorials for young minds to professional email-writing. Our plans are exclusive and designed by top experienced professionals.

All the courses will be completely online and hence you can take the sessions as per your convenience. Our aim is not only to make you competent enough but also understanding the importance of the language in today’s competitive world. To know about the courses in details, check out the ‘All Courses’ tab.

Our Partners

Jamie Martin

Has fifteen years experience in the Education industry around the world. He is a former Special Adviser to the UK Secretary of State for Education, the Founder and CEO of Africa’s first EdTech incubator (www.injini.co.za) and a former Education Specialist at the Boston Consulting Group.

Adam Woodage

Five years’ experience in the Education industry. He is a former visiting scholar in Central Asia, coach educator and e-learning specialist within the sporting world, and has taught in and worked on school improvement for prestigious UK schools.

Our Vision

Communication is the key to success. A world, where English is the ticket to a person’s identity, we believe in strengthening the person’s skills by building confidence in that one language which rules the world. Achieving this won’t be easy, but nothing is impossible.

Our Mission

We are paving paths from each sphere. All these paths are destined to one thing, i.e. ‘Fluency in English’. These paths are in the form of the exclusive courses designed by our professionals.

Our Goals

Our short term goals are-

  • Delivering the best products to our customers
  • Effective learning methodologies
  • Effective implementation and execution of our plans
Our long term goals are-
  • Fluent English speakers at every house
  • Zero complaints from customers
  • Bringing a confident smile on every customer’s face

Meet Our Lead Instructors

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Jack Lee

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